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Les Brown

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Early Life

Les Brown holding a microphone laughing

Les Brown is a world renowned motivational speaker, accomplished author, former state representative in Ohio, radio, and television host. Mr. Brown was born February 17, 1945 in an abandon building with his twin brother, the two where later adopted. When Les was in the 5th grade he was labeled educable mentally retarded, moved back to the 4th grade. This label stayed with him for the rest of his school years. Mr. Brown talks about a teacher that helped inspire him, "planting seeds" in his mind. This story goes the teacher named Mr. Washington asked a young Les to got to the board and write something, Les respond "I can't do that sir". Mr. Washington respond "why not"? Les answered "I am educable mentally retarded", the teacher cam from behind his desk took a good looked at Les and said "someone's opinion of you does not have to become your reality."

Young Adult

After graduation Les went to work for the city sanitation department in Miami. Les had no intention of remaining with the sanitation department for long, his true passion was in radio so he began to constantly pester the owner of a local radio station until he was eventually hired to perform odd and ends around the station. It was not until one day when a DJ showed up for work drunk did Les get his opportunity to fill in. The owner of the station was so impressed that he hired Les. Brown go on to have the top rated radio show in his market and become the station manager.

Later Life

In 1977 Les ran for the State House of Representative in Ohio and would go on to serve from 1977 to 1983. This brings us to the current endeavors of Mr. Brown. Over the last 25 years Les has become one of the worlds leading motivational speakers inspire employees of fortune 500 companies to high school students to achieve the goals and dreams. Les Brown Through his words and his life stories has personally changed the way I think and approach each day, I can only open that some day I can have even a fraction of the positive influence he has had on some many peoples lives.